Quick and Easy All-Natural Gardening

There is now a more convenient way for vegetarians and people with green thumbs to enjoy their own fresh fruits and veggies! You can enjoy a fresh and free salad in your dining table simply by starting your own natural garden. Natural Gardening is a gardening style featuring plants which are native to the region, where the plants can develop their natural shape without shearing, staking or pruning and minimizing usage of fertilizers or pesticides.

If you plan to start and work on your garden, here are a few quick and easy all-natural gardening tips to help you get started.

Get a head start in your natural garden! Start by planting seeds in an egg carton, planting them with a small amount of soil without letting it spill over the sides. Make sure not to overwater your plants, just keep the soil moist. Once the plants have frost, you can take the seedlings out of the egg carton and plant them on the ground. If you want to speed up the germination process, you can lay a piece of plastic wrap over the seedlings to keep them warm and moist. Leave it as it is until the plants poke their heads through the soil.

Save yourself, nourish your plants. It’s important that when you garden, you make sure you are protected as well. Here are tips to help you become an all-natural gardener.

Use latex gloves instead of cloth. It’s much easier to clean and it doesn’t stiffen up. You can simply rinse them in water and let them dry.

If you don’t like wearing gloves, before you get started, you should scrap your fingernails over a bar of soap to prevent dirt from penetrating your nails. It will also protect your nails from breaking.

If the sun is blazing hot and the soil feels warm to your knees, it’s best you get a knee pad. Need a kneeling pad? You can take a 2 or 3-inch piece of foam and wrap it in plastic or put it in a large re-sealable bag and you’re all ready to go.

Feed your plants, satisfy your needs. It’s important that when you garden, you make sure you provide the correct nourishment your plants need. Here are tips to help you give your plants all-natural nourishment.

Crushed sells make a wonderful fertilizer. They work well with soil and aerate it too. It will be a terrific fertilizer for your natural garden.

To provide much-needed acid to the soul, bury some used coffee grounds in your garden. It has high alkaline content and in no time at all, you’ll notice your green plants to its greener best!

To keep the soil moist and hold weeds at bay, place dampened newspaper on the ground around your plants. Wet the newspaper well and sprinkle it lightly will soil. This will give it weight and thus, hold the water down. Papers are biodegradable, no need to worry about the garbage; they will eventually dissolve over time.

Attack the pests, protect your plants. It’s important that when you garden, you protect your plants from pests. Using pesticides seem like a good idea, but then, it can be harmful to your plants at some extent. Here are a few tips for you to have an all-natural pest control.

Keeps pests off your flowers by spraying them a combination of 1 quart water over ½ teaspoon of liquid soap. Apply the solution every two weeks and rest assured you’ll be keeping the pests away!

To deter bugs, you should plant garlic, parsley or basil among your flowers. Plant them edging around the garden and rest assured your plants will be blooming and bug-free.

Chase away pests that feed on your tender plants by mixing 1 tablespoon of hot mustard or red pepper with 1 quart of water. Spray directly on foliage. One hot taste and the pests will be gone!